Contact Information

Phone: 865-376-2323
Fax: 865-376-2325

Michelle Kelley, Finance Director-865-717-4643

Marsha Marshall, Tax Collector/Purchasing Agent-865-717-4654

Haley Brown, Tax Collector/Purchasing Agent-865-376-2323 ext 1113

Emilye Guge, Human Resources/Senior Accounting-865-717-4646

Utility Billing Clerk-865-376-2323 ext 1120

Chrystal Collier, Finance Dept. Clerk-865-376-2323

Alexandria Moss, Finance Dept. Clerk-865-376-2323


  • Michelle Kelley
    Michelle Kelley
  • Marsha Marshall
    Marsha Marshall
  • Haley Brown
    Haley Brown
  • Alexandria Moss
    Alexandria Moss
  • Emilye Guge
    Emilye Guge
  • Chrystal Collier
    Chrystal Collier
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